John Creighton Blvd.

& Miami Sewer Separation

325 acre drainage basin in mid-town residential neighborhood.  Project included hydrologic and hydraulic design; survey; meetings and coordination with PMT, City, stakeholders and utility; and technical manual and opinion of probable costs.  Designed roadway, sidewalk, storm sewer, curb inlets and manholes.  Performed all construction management throughout the project. 

40th & Paxton

Combined Sewers

 60” RCP, complete reconstruction of sidewalks, park and golf course crossingcoordination, construction of large diameter storm and sanitary sewers through existing neighborhoods, layout and design of new 10’ wide trail, construction of storm sewer through the golf course, topographic survey, water and gas main reconstruction coordination, investigation of existing combined storm and sanitary sewer system, sewer separation, study/design hydrologic and hydraulic design, utilized Hydra Software for hydraulic modeling, accelerated schedule, PCC paving, curb and gutter. 

37th & Jaynes

Sewer Separation

*  Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design

*  Utilized Hydra Software for hydraulic modeling

*  Reconstruction of PCC paving, curb and gutter

*  Survey, preliminary, and final design

*  Design of 4000 LF storm sewer

*  Overflow structure to bypass flows

*  Storm Sewer from 48" to 72" diameter

*  147 acre urban drainage basin