Bennington Fire Station

The Bennington Rural Fire District and HGM are excited about their new fire station facility.  With 30,000 sf, this facility will has 6 vehicle bays,

bedrooms, training area, fitness room, kitchen/dining, office/lobby, a 911 memorial room, bunk and gear area, mezzanines (storage), patio,

site utilities and parking

These are just a few of our featured projects!  

Please contact Dean Fajen, AIA for additional information about these and others. 

Norfolk Fire Station

Preliminary Design / Master Plan,  5,000 SF facility, 3 vehicle bays,  maintenance room, training area, fitness areas, living room, kitchen/dining, office/lobby, radiant heat, site utilities/parking and topographic survey

Carroll Fire Station

14,266 SF new building – main level, 3,500 SF storage mezzanine, hose tower for drying, 9 vehicle bays, bedrooms/bath, kitchen, dining, living room, training and fitness areas, offices/lobby/reception, site utilities, parking, evaluated and compared costs for  6 potential sites for new fire station, considered response times for

Volunteer Fire Fighters