Carroll Fire Station

14,266 SF new building – main level, 3,500 SF storage mezzanine, hose tower for drying, 9 vehicle bays, bedrooms/bath, kitchen, dining, living room, training and fitness areas, offices/lobby/reception, site utilities, parking, evaluated and compared costs for  6 potential sites for new fire station, considered response times for

Volunteer Fire Fighters

Bennington Fire Station

The Bennington Rural Fire District and HGM are excited about their new fire station facility.  With 30,000 sf, this facility will has 6 vehicle bays,

bedrooms, training area, fitness room, kitchen/dining, office/lobby, a 911 memorial room, bunk and gear area, mezzanines (storage), patio,

site utilities and parking

These are just a few of our featured projects!  

Please contact Dean Fajen, AIA for additional information about these and others. 

Norfolk Fire Station

Preliminary Design / Master Plan,  5,000 SF facility, 3 vehicle bays,  maintenance room, training area, fitness areas, living room, kitchen/dining, office/lobby, radiant heat, site utilities/parking and topographic survey