7th Street Bridge

Sioux City, IA

*  Water main/utilities suspended from bridge
*  155’ x 70’ 5-span continuous concrete slab
*  Reinforced Outer Wall (ROW) encased steel H-pile piers and integral H-pile abutments
*  Designed to span channel determined as part of the US Army Corps of Engineers Perry Creek Flood Control Project
*  Bridge varied in width in span No. 1 from 70’ at the pier to 96’ at the West abutment to accommodate intersection at bridge end

Hazel Street Bridge


Glenwood, IA

*  188’-10” x 30’ Non-Standard PPCB Bridge
*  Provided construction project management and observation
*  Hydraulic modeling
*  Bridge grade could not be raised
*  Roadway coordination
*  Utility coordination
*  Project is a federal aid bridge replacement
*  FEMA regulated stream

48th Street Bridge

over West Papio Creek

Sarpy County, NE

*  273’ – 3-span rolled steel girder bridge
*  Review by steel fabricator to ensure lowest cost structure was detailed
*  Hydraulic design on FEMA regulated stream – CLOMR was required and prepared by HGM
*  Built over recently completed pedestrian trail
*  Worked with contractor to assure final trail condition