What's Happening

​The HGM team wanted to help the schools in Glenwood as they are dealing with not having water at the school due to the area flooding.  So HGM team member Dana Hansen took matters into her own hands lead the efforts to gather water and or contributions from other employees to buy the water and deliver it to the Glenwood Community Schools. She made a first run with 22 cases of water plus hand sanitizer and wipes on Monday (3/18) and then a second run of 50 cases along with sanitizer on Friday (3/22).  Well done Dana and Thank you to the entire HGM team to make this happen.



HGM organized a food drive for the Micah House through the Christmas Season

and all donations were delivered in January.  Both our Omaha and Council Bluffs

offices were involved the donations.


HGM  donates $10,000 to support the Dream  Playground Re-Imagined project. 

“The photo to the right is HGM staff presenting a check for $10,000 to the Dream

Playground committee.”

“HGM is a family founded company that is now employee owned.  We still carry the

family spirit in our culture.  With this culture, we understand the importance in spending

quality time with our kids.  As an engineering firm, we see the mental growth and problem

solving skills learned when kids interact with complex play structures like the Dream

Playground,” said Ron Tekippe, president for HGM Associates, Inc.  “HGM staff were

involved in the building of the original playground, and we will be involved in this impressive rebuild of the Dream Playground Re-Imagined.  The employees of HGM are proud to work for a Council Bluffs firm that is truly dedicated to our community, and we are proud to make this donation to the project.”

The Dream Playground Re-Imagined project strives to preserve the dream of children from 25 years ago while incorporating the dream of children today.  In addition, the new playground structure will be compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations, making the playground accessible to children with all abilities. 

The new playground structure will be built in six days, July 24-29.  This construction effort will require thousands of community volunteers working together to accomplish our final Dream Playground Re-Imagined.   Individuals, families, groups, organizations, and businesses are encouraged to sign up for volunteer shifts or make donations at


42nd & Q Street Intersection Improvements in Omaha received the

Honor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies

(ACEC) of NE.   HGM and Fellsburg Holt & Ullevig was hired by the

City of Omaha to update the intersections and bridge to current

standards.  This project is Omaha’s first roundabout on an arterial

street and provides a safe pedestrian-friendly gateway to the

businesses, schools, parks and neighborhoods. 



HGM Associates Inc. provides a full array of Architectural, Engineering and Surveying services to the Midlands and has since 1960!  Our team of professionals strive for superior client satisfaction by providing, with integrity, quality professional services that meet your needs and expectations.  We pride ourselves on developing the most cost effective, long term solution for each of your projects!  We work closely with you as the most

integral part of the project to assure success!

HGM HOSTED A BREAKFAST this morning for the Council Bluffs Public Works crews.  These dedicated employees were getting ready to work on flood damage repairs as well as taking on the widespread pot hole repair challenge (after quickly changing from weeks of cleaning snow off the streets!).  From the entire HGM family, our heartfelt thanks go out to all these type crews working diligently to keep us safe.